Let’s make Hamptons Style HAPPEN!

If we’ve noticed anything recently it is that the classic Hamptons Style is so in right now and why not? It’s fresh, it’s beachy chic and perfect for Perth. We’ve been building and designing homes for over ten years now and when it comes to design tips, no one knows more than our Operations Manager, Danielle. We managed to pull her away from her desk and pick her brains on Hamptons Style living (and they’re pretty good) read her tips below! Tip #1 – Colours! The best way to set the foundation of any style is colours. For a Hamptons vibe you want to get your inspiration from natural colours like these,
  • Neutral, creamy tones
  • Bleached timbers
  • Tinted Blues
  • Warm Pastels like pinks and oranges
The trick here is to not use too many of the colours above. You need to pick one of the bullet points above and stick to it. Of course you can subtly mix them like the neutral creamy tones with a bit of bleached timber but if you mix too many of them you will have a Hamptons disaster. Tip #2 – Balance, Symmetry and Naps Anyone with a Pinterest account knows that balancing a room symmetrically is key. You can’t balance a room without a good focal point that brings the entire room together and the best way to do this is start with the bigger pieces (like your couch). Make sure your couch is big and inviting, you don’t see small, hard looking couches in all those fabulous Hamptons homes right? So choose a soft coloured lounge suite that just wants to come over and take a nap. Tip #3 – Accessories for Days Now that you have your hero piece you can balance the room with some well styled key pieces. For the perfect Hamptons Vibe you need to mix some contemporary pieces with rustic and eclectic pieces like lamps, display boxes and trinkets. Now for the fun part, accessorising! Add some personality to your house with throw pillows, rugs, baskets and vases that all encompass a sense of coastal living. You can also warm up your room with a fabulous lamp. Now that you have all the tips you need to create the perfect Hamptons look in your home you can go shopping! Don’t forget to share your before and after photos with us, we can’t wait to see them!

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