The “Must Know” about Dual Occupancy Homes

Dual occupancy homes are growing in popularity across Perth right now and it’s because of the potentially huge financial and lifestyle benefits. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of a dual occupancy home but it’s much cheaper to build a dual occupancy home than to build a second home as an investment or to house your elderly parents/visiting family members. At Inspired Homes WA we’re committed to future proofing your home so we have compiled a list of reasons a dual occupancy is worth considering. 1. A New Income Stream Thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to bring extra money into your household and dual occupancy homes are perfect for this. Our clients have reaped the financial benefits of their dual occupancy homes by renting out the additional areas on Airbnb and other platforms. 2.Keep your Teenagers Quiet Dual occupancy homes are PERFECT for busy teenagers that are studying for exams or wanting to have their own space. While the additional space remains completely accessible by all household members think of this as the ultimate teenagers (or parents) retreat. 3.Perfect for Entertaining Whether you’ve got family visiting or some friends coming over the additional space offered by a dual occupancy home gives you the peace of mind knowing that overnight guests are going to be comfortable and in their own space. 4.Keep your Parents Safe Did you know that Perth has a shortage of suitable homes for the elderly? The most common reason we build dual occupancy Homes is because of our clients need to take care of their parents. Rather than putting your parents in a foreign and uncomfortable environment you can have your parents live alongside you and your family. They have their own space and can live as independently as they wish giving you the peace of mind that you’re right next door. All of our designs are able to be customised for dual occupancy. If you want to learn more or to talk to us about dual occupancy Homes get in touch today.

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