What am I responsible for?

There are some responsibilities and costs involved in building your new home that are not included in your contract price. Here is a list to help you fully understand the process;
  • All relevant council fees: Including Planning Application, Building Permit and your verge bond
  • Demolition Licence Fee and Demolition of your block as you must provide a clean block that is free of debris and plant matter. (This can be included in your contract as a Provisional Sum)
  • The payment of Utilities during construction including Power and Water Usage at the site.
  • All temporary & permanent Boundary Fencing and Boundary Retaining: Including liaising with neighbours regarding fencing as per the Dividing Fences Act (more information on this can be found at the following link http://www.buildingcommission.wa.gov.au/docs/consumers/dividing_fences_a_guide_sept_12_online.pdf
  • A Signed BA20A from your neighbour if required
  • Organising Finance Approval for construction: Please note you must provide to your financial institution with your application the HIA Construction Stages & Percentages in WA letter that was given in your information pack.
  • Payment of your 6.5% deposit which is due on signing of your Contract as per clause 7(a) of your HIA contract. (Conditions apply)