Do It Yourself guide to Contemporary Style.

If you like to keep up-to-date with current styles and you enjoy modern things then Contemporary Style is for you. Most people think that modern interiors are very cold, with no warmth or heart but in contrast, contemporary interiors are curated to be welcoming without clutter. These interiors highlight space as opposed to things like knick knacks and keep things looking sleek by showcasing different colours and shapes. Read our DIY guide for Contemporary Style below.


Starting from the ground up, your flooring options define your interior style more than anything. For a contemporary look, use smooth wood or tiles and soften them up with a geometric style rug.


The most well suited colour palette for contemporary style is a mix of black, white and other neutral tones. Then, liven the space up with punches of bold colour blocks (you can incorporate these pops of colour with artwork and cushions etc) and as a bonus it’s easy to update your colours as trends change.


This one is easy. Contemporary furniture needs to be simple so it means that anything on the list below is a big no-no:
  • No skirts or valance on your beds
  • No trims
  • No fringe
  • No tassels
  • No ruffles
  • No busy prints (like florals)
  • No carving detail
  • Nothing cute (like cat cushions)
  • Nothing small (like lots of trinkets and knick-knacks)
When choosing your furniture, remember that less is more! We’ve been working with all of our clients to help create and improve their contemporary designs so if you need any more information or inspo, get in touch with us today.

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