Pre-Site is the process is all about admin, including plans, addendas, contract, prestart, licences & insurances.


Frequently Asked Pre-Start Questions

What am I responsible for?
There are some responsibilities and costs involved in building your new home that are not included in your contract price. Here is a list to help you fully understand the process;
  • All relevant council fees: Including Planning Application, Building Permit and your verge bond
  • Demolition Licence Fee and Demolition of your block as you must provide a clean block that is free of debris and plant matter. (This can be included in your contract as a Provisional Sum)
  • The payment of Utilities during construction including Power and Water Usage at the site.
  • All temporary & permanent Boundary Fencing and Boundary Retaining: Including liaising with neighbours regarding fencing as per the Dividing Fences Act (more information on this can be found at the following link
  • A Signed BA20A from your neighbour if required
  • Organising Finance Approval for construction: Please note you must provide to your financial institution with your application the HIA Construction Stages & Percentages in WA letter that was given in your information pack.
  • Payment of your 6.5% deposit which is due on signing of your Contract as per clause 7(a) of your HIA contract. (Conditions apply)
What are my options to include in my contract?
If you would like to include any of the following services in your contract price we can provide you with an Optional Inclusions Price which is separate to your construction quote and from here you can decide if you would like any of them included in your final contract price. The options are as follows;
  • Utility Application Fees: Including Water Corporation Headwork’s Fees, Western Power Green Dome and Alinta Gas connections.
  • Engineering Costs for your Working Drawings
  • Strata Title Application Fees (only applicable to multi-unit developments)
When do I sign my contract?
A very important note is that major structural changes are advised against after this point as this causes lengthy delays in the design process and will incur additional fees for engineers details, re quoting and re-designs further down the track, so try to make sure you’re 100% happy with the initial concept and the structural selections i.e.: colourbond vs tiled roof where possible but we do understand that you may want to change your mind and will be happy to accommodate any changes that you require. The balance of your 6.5% deposit is legally due on signing of your contract and once we have applied for your indemnity insurance you can forward all your documentation onto your lending institution to secure your finance for construction. Once you have finance approval, you will need to provide a letter of approval to us Once you sign your contract then we can lodge for DA approval if it is required or move onto the Building Licence phase.